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Why Supplement?

Thank you for your interest in improving your health and wellbeing. We believe that the collapse of health is what invites disease - and improving your health through improved nutrition and nurtients is what we're all about.

We would love it if you could get all the nutrients you require through a well balanced healthy diet because that's how it should be in an ideal world.

But... the world is not ideal. Today 92% of the population is suffering from at least one nutritional deficiency - so that probably includes you.

Why Is Nutritional Deficiency So Widespread?

Great question - so happy you asked. Well it's a combination of

  • soil degradation from industrialised chemical farming,
  • overconsumption of processed foods,
  • genetically modified foods,
  • lack of variety in our diets (over 60% of the normal modern day diet is derived from wheat, corn and rice)
  • widespread consumption of sugar
  • fussy eating
  • growth in vegan and vegetarianism diets
  • early harvesting of crops - lack of maturation i the foods we eat

As an example - Did you know that the same size serving of spinach 50 years ago that had 150gm of iron in it has on average less than 5 grams in it today.

What Can You Do About It?

#1 - Support your local farmers and growers by purchasing and consuming a wide variety their fresh in season produce which has been organically produced. This produce is more nutrient dense that that produced through industrialised chemical farming. Farmers markets rule!

#2 - Turn to supplements as a top up. But not all supplements are created equal. Most supplements you buy today are in a form which is only 8-12% absorbable. Compare that to plant derived colloidal minerals and vitamins which are liquid and typically 90-95% absorbable.