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Gout Support Value Pack

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If you're suffering from the painful effects of gout and want a natural, non toxic solution - then this gout pack has been created for you. It works to relieve the pain and incidence of gout in feet, wrists, elbows and knees by reducing the excess uric acid, and inflammation which causes gout. 

The Gout Support Value Pack provides MSM & Vitamin C, Advanced Grape Seed Extract and Colloidal Minerals in one handy pack for maximum effect, value and convenience. 95% bio-available for maximum cell utilisation.

Gout is an incredibly painful condition where excess uric acid crystallises in a joint or joints and causes inflammation. It affects approximately 4-6% of the population, and is exacerbated by dietary factors such as high protein consumption. It most likely affects feet, knees, wrists, and/or elbows.

Gout may be relieved by reducing the consumption of purine foods, drinking more water, increasing exercise, weight reduction if overweight, and supplementing with natural anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

The Gout Support Pack contains:

MSM & Vitamin C - 500ml - a powerful natural anti-inflammatory for pain and joint relief without nasty side effects.

Advanced Grape Seed Extract 95% - 237ml - improves circulation and inhibits the destruction of collagen which is needed by the cell membranes. A remarkable anti-oxidant believed to be more powerful that vitamin E and vitamin C.

Colloidal Minerals - 500ml - TJ Clark plant derived colloidal minerals contain minerals essential for activating and utilising vitamins, to boost immunity and create healthy new cells.

Please see the product pages for each of the products contained in the pack.

TJ Clark liquid supplements are easy to absorb and digest with 95% bio-availability, and gentle on the digestive system.

What really sets TJ Clark apart is the acknowledgement of the body's chemical reactions which are critical to the overall effectiveness and maximum cell utilisation of any given nutrient. This is why supplements are in liquid form containing a Polyfloramin base containing up to 72 plant derived trace minerals.

This unique set of advantages makes TJ Clark supplements especially beneficial for anybody over the age of 55 (as our ability to utilise vitamins reduces significantly as we age).

TJ Clark provide proven and unique supplements with a 95 year history.

Toxicity studies have found these supplements to be essentially non toxic.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and as per their generic requirement, we are obliged to mention that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.