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Heart Health Value Pack

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If you're concerned about the health of your heart and looking for natural and non-toxic solutions that may reduce the chance of heart attack, then this Heart Health Value Pack has been created for you. 

It includes essential supplements to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and help prevent heart attacks for maximum effectiveness and value.

The Heart Health Value Pack includes TJ Clarks liquid Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin C, Folic Acid/B12, and Colloidal Minerals for 95% bio-availability and maximum cell utilisation.  

Calcium & Magnesium are two of the most consumer minerals through nutritional supplements. They are known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and help prevent heart attacks, reduce high blood pressure, help burn fat and produce energy, keep cholesterol levels under control, help prevent muscle spasms, and relieve severity of angina pain.

Vitamin C is important for the growth and repair of body-tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth.  It is important for a healthy immune system, helps the absorption of iron, decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, lowers the incidence of blood clots in veins, and aids in the healing of wounds.

Folic Acid/B12 combined with vitamin C helps prevent over-production of the toxic amino acid homocysteine, which is a greater contributor to heart disease than elevated cholesterol.

TJ Clarks unique Colloidal Minerals contain up to 72 trace minerals for maximum cell activation and utilisation of vitamins and nutrients.

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TJ Clark liquid supplements are easy to absorb and digest with 95% bio-availability, and gentle on the digestive system.

What really sets TJ Clark apart is the acknowledgement of the body's chemical reactions which are critical to the overall effectiveness and maximum cell utilisation of any given nutrient. This is why supplements are in liquid form containing a Polyfloramin base containing up to 72 plant derived trace minerals.

This unique set of advantages makes TJ Clark supplements especially beneficial for anybody over the age of 55 (as our ability to utilise vitamins reduces significantly as we age).

TJ Clark provide proven and unique supplements with a 95 year history.

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